The Town of Mammoth Lakes Announces New Woodstove Replacement Program

The Town of Mammoth Lakes has announced a woodstove replacement program for property owners who want to upgrade from wood-burning stoves and fireplaces to cleaner and more efficient heating systems.

This Program is designed to help households replace an uncertified woodstove, wood insert, or fireplace used as a primary source of heat with a cleaner burning and more efficient device. Town residents using uncertified woodstoves or wood inserts manufactured before July 1, 1988 or fireplaces as a primary source of heat are eligible for this Program. The Program will offer incentives towards the purchase and installation of a qualifying device. There are two incentive options for the program.

Enhanced Incentive – Low-income households will be eligible to receive a higher incentive up to $4,000. In order to qualify for the Enhanced Incentive, applicants must demonstrate a household income no exceeding 80 percent of the Statewide Median Household Income or County-specific California Department of Housing and Community Development low-income limits. Eligibility may also be established through proof of participation in an existing federal or State low-income assistance program.

Standard Incentive – All other households, regardless of their income, will qualify for a standard incentive up to $2,000 to be applied towards the purchase and installation of the new device.

All replaced stoves must also be freely relinquished to the retailer during new installation, and open fireplaces must be rendered inoperable.

This program is open to the public through local participating retailers only on a ‘first come, first served’ basis until allocated funds are exhausted. Qualified payments for new systems will only be made to participating retailers.

All applications and questions can be directed to the staff contact for the program, Michael Peterka, Associate Planner 760-965-3669 or [email protected]. The town is encouraging all interested property owners to submit an application and also contact one of the participating retailers serving the area: A Better Fireplace (760-934-3453) or Manor True Value Hardware (760-873-3106).




Where did the funding for this program come from?
The program is part of the Great Basin Air Pollution Control District’s Clean Air Projects Program funded by the 2018 Order to Pay issued by the District to the Department of Los Angeles Water and Power. Officials from the Town of Mammoth Lakes have chosen to spend their funds on reducing woodsmoke emissions from wood-burning heating systems in the Town.

Is my current stove eligible for the Woodstove Replacement Program?
Please refer to the Stove Eligibility and Performance Standards on pages 4-5 of the Program Guidelines.

I live in Mono County, outside of Mammoth Lakes. Is there a Woodstove Replacement Program for Mono County residents?
No. The program is only available for properties in the Town of Mammoth Lakes.

Can property owners use independent contractors to replace their woodstoves or do the work themselves and receive the payment directly?
No. All interested property owners must purchase new heating systems from local, contracted retailer/installers, who must also complete all installation work. Payments will be provided to contracted retailers only. Property owners must work directly with retailers for program participation.

Can I keep my old woodstove after it’s replaced?
No. All replaced stoves must be given to the retailer despite the stove’s age, and open fireplaces that are replaced with free-standing stoves must be rendered inoperable.

Can I sign up for the program now but wait until later to have the installation completed?
No. New stoves are provided on a first-come, first-served basis and funding will only be provided to retailers when installation is complete and permit is finalized, which must be done within 90 days of receiving a voucher. Once the funding is used up, the program will end. No funds will be held over.

Do new heating systems need to be permitted with local planning departments?
Yes. Finalized permits from local authorities are required for all installs before payment will be provided to the retailer. On-site inspections are required.

Can I replace/upgrade my old pellet stove or gas system through this program?
No. Old pellet stoves and gas heating systems do not qualify for replacement under this program.

I have more than one wood-burning heater in my home. Can I replace more than one?
No. Whichever wood-burning heater that you use as your primary heating source is the one that qualifies for replacement under this program.

I’m building a new home. Can I use this program to get a new stove for my new home?
No. New homes do not qualify for funding. This program is intended to replace existing, old woodstoves and open fireplaces with cleaner burning equipment.

How do I sign up for this program?
You should IMMEDIATELY submit an application to the Town and call your choice of the following contracted vendors:

A Better Fireplace (760-934-3453) or Manor True Value Hardware (760-873-3106)

My property currently has an EPA-certified wood-burning system (newer than 1988). Do I qualify for funding to upgrade it?
No. To be eligible for the program, applicants must be currently relying on a stove or insert that is uncertified, operational, and used as a primary source of heat in the residence. An uncertified stove or insert is one that has not been certified by the U.S. EPA to comply with the performance and emission standards as defined in Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 60, Subpart AAA, February 28, 1988, or any subsequent revisions.

I recently upgraded my old stove to an EPA-certified heater before this program was offered. Do I qualify for any rebate toward the cost of my new system?
No. Program funding can only be paid for new installations started and completed during the program’s contract period. Retroactive funding is not available.